Best Virtual Mailbox & Mail Forwarding Service was founded to gather all reliable resources and IT services in one place to make it easy for users to see and compare the value, quality, and reliability of goods and services. Virtual mailbox is one of the most popular service in 2021. This service makes our life much easier because we are full-time travelers and we have been working as digital nomads quite some time. Since we have a lot of experience in this field, we decided to do an unbiased review of the most famous providers to help new users choose the best virtual mailbox service of all. We recommend reading the detailed reviews of each service on their website (Getnewmailbox) and our summary review of virtual mailboxing services. Also read TrustPilot, Capterra and other similar resources with reviews (ThetravelingTraveler, TheNomadExperiment, NomadNumbers)


What is a Virtual Mailbox?

Virtual Mailbox is a digital service that allows you to have access to your postal mail online from anywhere in the world via any device.

What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail Forwarding is a special service that helps you to receive your mail and packages at one address and forward it to you at the second address.

How to create a virtual mailbox account?

First, you will need to choose a digital mailbox provider, after that choose a plan and an address you want to have. Then, you will need to fill out the 1583 Form and notarize it with 2 IDs.

Is it safe to use digital mailbox?

Modern digital mailbox companies go above and beyond to ensure security and safety of customer’s mail and parcels. The conduct thorough background check on all their workers and facilities, plus they provide strong online security for virtual mailbox accounts and mail forwarding.

6 Best Virtual Mailbox & Mail Forwarding Providers in 2021

  • Anytime Mailbox. Cost: $6-40 monthly.

It is an international virtual mailbox service that offers scanning, recycling, and shredding, forwarding of your mail. They offer services at 1185 locations worldwide including addresses in Asia, Europe, Middle East. It is considered as one of the cheapest international virtual mailboxes. Also, their app is available on iOS and Android that makes it super easy to manage your postal mail from your phone.

  • Travelling Mailbox. Cost: $15-159 USD monthly

Travelling mailbox is another great mail forwarding service with over 30 addresses in the USA. They offer 5 different plans for individuals and enterprises. It integrates with Evernote, and Dropbox.Travelling mailbox has additional premium features such as check deposit service, virtual office, etc.

  • Earth Class Mail. Cost: $69-179 monthly.

Earth class mail is a digital mailbox service that offers the most advanced features for those who runs an online business. They have the biggest number of locations based in the USA, in different states. Also, Earth class mail has integration with Xero, QuickBooks,, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

  • PostScanMail.  Cost: $10-35 USD monthly.

PostScanMail offers both PO boxes and real street addresses. They have multiple locations around the US and a few international addresses in Canada, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. PostScanMailoffers unlimited free recycle and shredding service, plus unlimited free scan storage, that means you do not need to pay extra if you want to get rid of unwanted mail or if you want to safe yourmail scans in the cloud.

  • iPostal1. Cost: $9,99-699,00 monthly.

iPostal1 is another decent virtual mailbox provider with more than 2000 locations in the USA and worldwide. They offer different plans to choose including plans for individuals and businesses. With iPostal you can forward important mail or packages to you using DHL, FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

Anytime mailbox recognized as the global leader in the virtual mailbox network with over thousand real street addresses worldwide. Personally, we liked anytime mailbox the most because of its low cost and excellent servicewith a handy app available on iOS and Android.

As for mail forwarding service Traveling mailbox turned out to be one of the best. It offers multiple addresses across the US with unlimited phone support 24/7. With Travelling mailbox your mail will be scanned, forward to you, and integrated with Evernote or Google Drive. It issuper convenient for full time travelers, digital nomads, and everyone else.